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Everything you need to know before you arrive

What to bring

Entry Fee
Gold coin donation on entry to the venue. Collectors will have branded Christmas at the Bowl buckets to gratefully receive your donation.

A limited number of candles and candle holders are provided at entry points around the venue. These will be distributed by our collection volunteers on entry to the venue.

Candle recycling collection bins will be available at each gate at the end of the evening. Please recycle your left over candles on departure.

Plus, take your candle holder home with you at the end of the night for the chance to WIN with Baker Tilly Staples Rodway. Find out more details here.

The Bowl of Brooklands is an outdoor venue so please dress appropriately. It can get cool later in the evening but you may need a hat, sunscreen and insect repellant earlier on.
Bring your picnic or takeaway food to enjoy throughout the event. There is no restriction on the food permitted into the venue however, please be mindful of our ‘Clean Christmas’ approach to waste and take your rubbish home with you.

There will be a number of food vendors within the venue that will operate throughout the event, offering a range of options.

The event is general admission so you can sit anywhere on the grassed area. Bring a picnic blanket and a cushion for comfort. If you require a seat, please only bring a low sand chair and be courteous to those around you so that everyone can see the stage.

Christmas at the Bowl attracts an audience of up to 15,000 people but there is ample space for everyone to enjoy the show. Please be kind, make room for others if you can, and share the holiday spirit with the people around you.

Getting there

There are four gate entrances:

Dell Gate (from Pukekura Park)
Brooklands Drive (off Brooklands Road)
Racecourse through Pukekura Raceway (off Coronation Avenue)
Kaimata (via Kaimata Street).

Parking is available on the streets around the venue and within the Racecourse, with access via Coronation Avenue.

Brooklands Drive
Brooklands Drive will be closed for all except disabled access vehicles.

There will be a drop off zone at the bottom of Brooklands Drive on Brooklands Road. Please adhere to the 2 minute parking zone limit as this is a tow away area if your vehicle is left in the 2 minute zone.
Entrance from Saddle Row beside the Saddle & Sulky Motel. Parking Wardens will be onsite to direct traffic to the correct parking area.
There will be two lanes going out onto Coronation Avenue after the event. The left lane for north bound traffic and the right lane for south bound traffic.

To assist with clearing the venue quickly, we recommend turning left and utilising the one way streets to get to your destination e.g. south bound traffic could turn left then right into the one way system then use either Mangorei Road, Egmont Road or Mountain Road to get to Inglewood or further south.

Please respect the local residents' driveways and berms. If you park illegally or block access ways you could be towed.


Pick up & drop off
Vehicles with mobility parking permits displayed will be able to access Brooklands Drive prior to and after the show, to drop off and pick up people with limited mobility from the Brooklands Gate entrance.

Mobility Parking
For those who do not have anyone to drive the vehicle and park outside the venue, there are a limited number of parks available on a first come, first served basis within the Gables Lawn. Please note that these car parks are only for audience members with a mobility parking permit on display in their vehicles, and cannot arrange a driver to drop off and pick up.
Accessible Transport
The Ironside vehicle will be available to transport those with limited mobility from the top of the hill, down to the bottom at the start of the evening. This service will operate in the opposite direction at the end of the show.

Wheelchairs & Limited Mobility
Wheelchairs can go anywhere in the general admission area but please note that some sections of the Bowl have a very steep gradient which could prove difficult to navigate for those in wheelchairs or with limited mobility.


No alcohol is on sale within the venue however, during the event, alcohol may be consumed in a responsible manner.

We reserve the right to remove any individual from the venue who is displaying inappropriate behaviour during this family event.

The Christmas at the Bowl show usually concludes with a Fireworks display.

Please be advised that this is a live fireworks display and as such, it will have loud sounds with the potential for small debris to fall. If you are concerned with this, please leave the area prior to the display (approximately 9:40pm).

The Christmas at the Bowl Trust complies with all NZ Standards and Regulations, and employs a professional fireworks technician who uses best practice standards.

The Bowl of Brooklands and surrounding Pukekura Park are smokefree. As this is a family event we do request no smoking or vaping within the venue.

We reserve the right to remove any individual from the venue who is displaying inappropriate behaviour during this family event.
Waste Management
Christmas at the Bowl is taking a lead and using a new ‘Clean Christmas’ approach to waste. We ask that all rubbish be taken home and recycled. Remember, reuse is the best form of recycling and waste minimisation.

Christmas at the Bowl will provide a limited number of general waste bins and recycling bins.

Please assist us in our endeavour to have a clean, safe environment and to reduce the rubbish left behind after the event.

Here are some guidelines to assist:

Bringing a picnic? Please bring reusable containers and take home with your waste to reuse.

Purchasing food to bring? Take the containers home after the event, clean them and then recycle in your bins. We recommend you purchase from food providers who use recyclable containers.

Purchasing food from a vendor onsite? Take the containers home after the event, clean them and then recycle in your bins.

When you leave the venue please ensure the area around you is clean of rubbish.

Remember, leave only footprints and take only memories. Let’s keep our beautiful park clean and pristine.
The TSB Festival of Lights will be in operation on the evening of this event.

To ensure your safe exit after Christmas at the Bowl, the New Plymouth District Council will provide a safe lighting route from the Bowl of Brooklands through Pukekura Park until 11pm. For more information about the TSB Festival of Lights, visit

We would like to thank our family of sponsors for their continued support
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